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About Us

About Us

Making Your Property Look Its Best

About Brett Jet

Brett Jet is an independent Outdoor cleaning and sealing Specialist for roof and drives. We offer cutting edge water jetting treatment, allowing us to quote competitively priced cleaning services for your interiors and exteriors.

We have a skilled team constantly exposed to professional training and real-life challenges to assure absolute cleaning experience and customer satisfaction. Our prime interest is in pressure washing for its efficiency and accuracy. We also offer eco-friendly chemical treatment for roofs and exterior walls to prevent moss and fungal growth. It’s our mission to clear away everything unwanted from your property, regaining its lost appeal. Feel free to Call Brett Jet and ask about your specific cleaning needs.

Our Working Style

Brett Jet will start by quoting an estimate for your property cleaning. If you agree, we will visit you and get to work. We only charge for work that has been completed, additional costs apply for extra work. We’re flexible for prior deposits as well as cash on completion.

Our Work Benefits

  • Improved Appearance of Your Home’s Exterior
  • Increased Longevity of Your Roof and Gutters
  • Extra Convenience and Reduced Maintenance